Annie Walker






We are excited to announce the development of a new component of the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program, designed to help education providers increase employment opportunities for Veterans.

Military-related students represent a growing pipeline of talent to Virginia employers.  From research, we know that one of the main reasons service members join the military is to obtain education benefits.  Yet, of the 2.6 million plus Post-9/11 Veterans, less than half are using their GI Bill® benefits. Further, studies show that Military-related students deal with more life circumstances than their non-military classmates and typically require longer time to complete their certificates and degrees.

These facts indicate that these students may lack proper support and adequate resources when returning to school. Those students then may be more likely to have unsuccessful academic experiences.

Virginia Colleges and Universities may lose not only revenue but also the ability to help meet some of the talent demands of the Commonwealth. In the end, Virginia may lose talent, residents, and tax payers.

This new V3 program curriculum was developed with the input of a Steering Committee consisting of 13 Virginia Colleges and Universities and current, relevant Veteran and military student research. Our training is designed to better prepare faculty and staff for the needs of the Veteran and military student.

More specifically, this free training will equip administrative staff, Military Affairs Office, and faculty on Veteran cultural competency, best practices in Military and Veteran student recruitment, matriculation, retention, graduation and connectivity with a variety of resources to include V3 companies.  Upon the further recommendation of our Steering Committee, the training will be highly accessible; offered as either a webinar or a classroom training event.

The Pilot training will occur in March and April with a full roll-out of the program planned after June 2017.  After being trained a College, University, or training facility can be awarded a Governor issued V3 certification. This distinction will separate Colleges and Universities from others as being an institution of choice for Virginia Veterans and military students!

We highly encourage you to take full advantage of this V3 program!