V3 Featured Company: Hampton Sheriff’s Office

Located on the southeastern end of the Virginian Peninsula, the Hampton Sheriff’s Office serves Hampton, VA, a city of over 130,000 people. The office is comprised of over 180 deputies and civilians who are responsible for the operations of the jails and courts for the City of Hampton. Its deputies serve civil and criminal processes as well as maintain the security of the court facilities for judges, jurors and other trial participants. The office also has two facilities for inmates that have the capacity to service over 460 inmates.

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office is the recipient of the highest award given by the National Sheriff’s Association, the “Triple Crown” Award. This award recognizes sheriff’s offices that achieve simultaneous accreditation from the following: The Commission on the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), The American Correctional Association on Accreditation for Corrections (ACA) and The National Commission on Correctional Healthcare (NCCH). In addition, the Hampton Sheriff’s Office has membership with the following: The American Jail Association, Virginia Sheriff’s Association, and the National Sheriff’s Association.

Hampton Sheriff recognizes that for Veterans, in general, the law enforcement environment is very suitable and compatible for them, and they are able to readily transition into the deputy role at the sheriff’s office. To incentivize Veteran applicants, the office gives credit to Veterans based upon their relevant military experience when they become employees. As a result, Veterans are eligible for promotional opportunities a year earlier than other non-Veteran employees.

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office has seen firsthand that Veterans are more apt to earn leadership positions in the organization. Opportunities include promotions, such as to Sergeants and Lieutenants, inclusion within their accreditation department, Shift Lieutenants, and community volunteerism. The office often finds that Veteran employees are more willing to want to give back and are more community oriented than other employees. The office has also seen that “Veterans excel in other roles like public speaking, training, court security, transportation, human resources, technology, and the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team,” said Sheriff B. J. Roberts. “The benefits to the office, and to the community, from the inclusion of Veterans in their workforce cannot be overstated.”

Historically, approximately 30% of the Hampton Sherriff’s Office workforce has been Veterans. Since the beginning of its partnership with the Virginia Values Vets (V3) program, the office has become more aware of the demographics of the Veteran population it is reaching, and the office has incorporated current deputies who are Veterans into their recruitment team. The office advertises as a Veteran friendly organization and takes pride in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels it has earned in the V3 program. Since partnering with V3, the office has been informed of more Veteran related job fairs and as a result of these collective efforts, the office currently boasts a workforce comprised of over 45% Veterans.

The Hampton Sheriff’s Office is a medium sized municipal organization and was one of the first certified organizations on August 12th, 2012. Its Bronze pledge of 6 veteran hires was well exceeded by 19 actual veteran reported hires during the first year in the program. The office retained 18 veteran hires to meet the Silver level of the program on September 22nd, 2013. Its new Gold hires pledge is 7 hires as the office approaches their third proud year in the V3 Program.