Compiled Best Practices 3rd Quarter FY 2014

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The V3 program regularly seeks feedback from the field and the V3 companies, particularly in regards to best practices garnered from their own experiences in the areas of recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans across the Commonwealth.  The Department of Veterans Services and other state agencies do not assert that we have the market cornered on these topics.  We greatly appreciate the willingness of companies to share their practices so that other organizations can benefit, and as a result, more Veterans can get hired!


For instance, Sykes Enterprises, Inc. in Wise, VA fosters success in these areas in these ways:

  • They have been fortunate to have hired in general at a greater rate than they initially anticipated.
  • Sykes’ local work culture is very appreciative of Veterans and their families. During orientation, the Human Resources Manager, Mr. Clark Phipps, personally thanks any Veterans that the company has hired, and acknowledges the service that they and their families have provided to the community and nation. Coworkers show genuine interest in and appreciation for Sykes’ Veteran employees.
  • Sykes Enterprises has a very strong relationship with the Veterans Representatives at the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), and the company always participates in any Veteran-related activities the VEC hosts/sponsors in their geographic areas of operation.
  • Sykes always ensures that their employees that are military members of the Guard and Reserve know that the company supports any needs those employees have for time off, and when they take the time off for military service, the company’s gratitude for their service is expressed outwardly.
  • Sykes continues to be actively hiring, and proudly proclaims that almost anyone can physically perform their work, indicating an openness and ability to hire disabled Veterans as well.

“Sykes Enterprises, Inc. feels very blessed to have had such great success hiring veterans, and we truly value veterans. Veterans do a great job for us and we look forward to future mutual success!” – Clark Phipps, SPHR, Human Resources Manager


According to Mr. Michael Lynch, Military Recruiter with C. R. England, networking with Veteran representatives in the Virginia Employment Commission, and having a proactive Veteran representative is “one of the best ways for an employer to get the biggest bang for their buck. Being a nationwide employer, [we] can’t always get to an area for onsite visits. Having a Veteran rep that wants to help employers and Veterans is a great resource.”

When Mr. Lynch has the ability to recruit onsite, Mr. Layton Clark, Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) with the VEC, goes above and beyond the call of duty by sending a notice to Veteran job seekers in the area.  Mr. Clark also personally follows up with Veteran candidates, so that Mr. Lynch’s visit can be as productive as possible.  C. R. England often conducts 25-35 interviews each day when Mr. Lynch is onsite, and the company often hires Veterans the following week.

Mr. Lynch feels that this type of relationship shows that representatives from the VEC including Mr. Clark are “doing more than lip service for the employers and Veterans. They want to get Veterans into companies.”  He also believes that companies should periodically send out updates to the VEC and the V3 program regarding how new hires are doing, and should also notify those organizations if/when the employers change incentives to attract more Veterans.


 Mary Washington Healthcare formed a company Veteran Champion Group in September 2013, after joining the V3 program in the spring.  A Director of Surgical Services saw pictures on the company website from the Veteran’s Day event their group hosted, and she applied to them because they displayed that they are a Veteran friendly organization.  She was subsequently hired, and is reportedly one of their best employees and Veteran champions.


 In May 2014, Ms. Billie Cook of AMSEC received a call from Kenny Adcock (Dept. of Law Enforcement and part of the V3 Strategic Alliance Team).  He informed her of a Veteran as a potential candidate for AMSEC opportunities.  Mr. Adcock shared Ms. Cook’s contact info with the Veteran who contacted her immediately.  The Veteran also referenced that Fred Andy of Newport News Shipbuilding (Huntington Ingalls Industries, a V3 Certified Employer) had also shared information with him regarding AMSEC opportunities.  Ms. Cook was able to discuss opportunities, search techniques, and navigation through their online recruiting system.  The Veteran was most grateful.  Additionally, Ms. Cook was able to share several more Veteran resources/contacts with the Veteran candidate to support his career search (Goodwill, Peninsula Worklink, and Opportunity Inc.).  Ms. Cook declares: “Success stories are certainly found in the power of these partnerships!”



BOSH expects to continue to recruit Veterans for their diverse global workforce. They have skilled Veterans supporting daily missions 24/7 which exceed client expectations. Veterans are serving as Trainers, Field Service Representatives, Engineers, and Systems Administrators. BOSH declares: “All serve to complete the Mission!”


 A Veteran-owned company, Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC is dedicated to the support of Veterans in need.  Through their efforts, the company has successfully employed two particularly remarkable individuals: one previously unemployed Veteran, who sought assistance through Fairfax County, and remains their employee at the Department of Defense to this day; and a Wounded Warrior who served our country in three tours of combat.


ATA is using their current Veterans to discuss the merits of joining the ATA team with Veteran candidates, and how working at ATA compares to the good things the Veterans liked about being in a military unit.  They purposefully utilize language that the prospective Veteran employee can appreciate and relate to.  ATA’s most recent Veteran hire in March 2014 fulfills their current V3 pledge.


BlueForce LLC is successful, in large part, because most employees are former military officers and senior non-commissioned officers with far-reaching experience in the boardroom and in the field. BlueForce LLC continues to grow in revenue and employees as a direct result of client performance and professional relationships, primarily in Virginia as well as throughout the U.S.  Corporate benchmark: BlueForce LLC is successful because of Veterans, and their client-focused performance. They have a roster of 90 employees, of which 61% are Veterans. Fifteen percent of our Veterans have 1 year of service, 21% have at least 2 years of service, and 6% have at least 4 years of service.  Other factors that have contributed to their success at hiring Veterans:
BlueForce LLC is a member of Hire Vets and works with TAP programs on various bases in the area.