V3 Company Feature: Portfolio Recovery Associates

Headquartered nearly equidistant between Naval Station Norfolk, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, and Naval Air Station Oceana, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (PRA) is well-tuned in to the military community. As a financial and business services company, they are determined to provide an atmosphere in which veterans of the armed services can settle into a new career.

Hampton Roads is home to many military friendly job-fairs, which PRA attends frequently; however, they use a variety of other tactics when hiring military personnel.

“Our human resources staff works diligently with numerous outlets to successfully recruit those who have served in the our U.S. Armed Forces,” said Michelle Link, PRA’s senior vice president of human resources. “We often send job vacancies to the Hampton Roads Regional Transition Assistance Office, which posts jobs to all internal military transition assistance offices and alerts transitioning service members and Veterans to available opportunities.”

PRA also makes an active effort to network and meet Veterans or service members face-to-face by serving quarterly on the Employer Job Networking Panel at the Navy’s Fleet and Family Support Center. Staff also communicates directly with Navy Career Counselors about available positions for sailors.

As a company in the consumer debt-purchasing industry, many of their jobs revolve around finance; however, they also recognize the more intangible character traits that make Veterans an asset to their company, such as self-discipline, initiative, and the love of a challenge. Additionally, they are aware that many Veterans bring a wealth of administrative and operational experience that translates directly into their company’s needs.

PRA notes that its current openings ideal for Veteran candidates include Account Representatives and Operations Manager positions.

PRA affirms they are dedicated to hiring the most professional, compliance-focused employees who will treat their customers and clients with respect. “We have found many Veterans have highly specialized skills. We also understand their needs and our goal is to ensure they are aware of the opportunities PRA can offer them,” said Link. “In the past year, we’ve worked to expand the number of Veterans we hire and as a result, we hired 26 Veterans in 2013. We hope this growth trend continues through the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program.”

Portfolio Recovery Associates is an Enterprise business (1000+ employees) in the financial services industry. They have pledged to hire a minimum of 5 or more Veterans and became a V3-certified company on February 21, 2014.

Portfolio Recovery Associates receives their V3 Certification with Deputy Commissioner Cathy Wilson (second from right).

Portfolio Recovery Associates receives their V3 Certification with Deputy Commissioner Cathy Wilson (second from right).

In 2013 and 2012, PRA was named one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies and one of the Top 25 Forbes’ Best Small Companies in America. PRA has been annually ranked on the Forbes list since 2007.

This article’s purpose is to highlight best practices in recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining Veterans. Publication of this feature does not constitute an endorsement, by DVS or the Commonwealth of Virginia, of the company’s products and services.