V3 employers are expected to recertify every two years by accumulating continuing activity and continuing education credits.

Continuing Activity (CA) credits are generally those activities in which an employer is engaged with the Veteran population or the V3 Program. Employers may begin accumulating CA credits immediately upon obtaining certification. Total 10 CA credits needed.

Continuing Education (CE) credits can be obtained by attending a wide variety of FREE training sessions authorized by the V3 Program that improve Veterans cultural competency, or aid in the implementation or execution of best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans. Employers may begin accumulating CE credits one year after obtaining certification (one year prior to the certificate expiration). Total 5 CE credits needed.

Recertification Documents

V3 Recertification Presentation (PDF)
V3 Recertification Quick Reference and Process Chart
Continuing Activity Descriptions
Authorized CE Courses
Recertification Cover Letter

Recertification Standards