DVS and VEC Partner to Run V3 Program

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services Announces Partnership with the Virginia Employment Commission to Support the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program

Richmond – The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) is pleased to announce that the agency has entered into a formal partnership with the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) to collaborate on the execution of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program.

As the lead administering agency, DVS will continue the workforce assessment and training programs with substantially revised materials, and the Commonwealth’s certification process for participating companies. The VEC, as the assisting agency, will execute the program with highly-trained personnel and its robust data infrastructure already in place.

“This partnership will enable the Commonwealth to maximize the efficiency of service delivery and resource allocation by using existing public infrastructure and personnel. Together, these two agencies will ensure that V3-certified companies will have the best available resources to recruit, hire, train, and retain Virginia’s Veterans”, notes the Commissioner of DVS, Paul Galanti. Sam Lupica, Acting Commissioner of the Virginia Employment Commission said “The Virginia Employment Commission is proud to be partnering with the Department of Veterans Services on this important initiative. The VEC remains committed to providing the highest level of services to our veterans, and we see this as a great opportunity in that respect. This partnership will afford both the VEC and DVS the opportunity to enhance the services we offer to both Virginia’s veterans and employers.”

In addition to the collaboration efforts of DVS and VEC, PD Systems, Inc. will provide curriculum development and consulting support to DVS with the purpose of educating businesses, local and state agencies, and other entities on the value of hiring Veterans. This will include curriculum that promotes successful and innovative methods for recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining Veterans. “We invite both employers and veterans who wish to learn more about the V3 program to visit our website, www.dvsV3.com” says Andrew Schwartz, V3 Program Manager.

About the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program

Serving as a national model and recipient of the Innovation in Government Award by Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Government & Public Affairs, The V3 program builds vital public-private partnerships by leveraging state and federal agencies and industry leaders to share resources and educate employers on how to tap in to the exceptional pool of talented veterans, reservists and National Guard in Virginia’s workforce. In its pilot year, V3 trained more than 500 employers who have provided over 3,000 jobs for Virginia Veterans and serves to position Virginia as the Most Veteran Friendly state in the nation.