DHRM Takes the Patriot Pledge!

RICHMOND, Va – Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) has taken the Patriot Pledge, indicating the agency’s commitment to hiring Veterans. On August 13, 2014, Governor McAuliffe called on 10,000 businesses in Virginia to commit to hiring Virginia’s Veterans. Executive Order 23 asks these businesses and agencies to make “Our Patriot Pledge” through the V3 Program.

As the Commonwealth’s “central human resource agency for state government dedicated to providing a broad range of leadership, services and guidance to the Commonwealth and its stakeholders,” DHRM’s Patriot Pledge acts as a harbinger of solidarity for other state agencies — that their own Pledge complies both with existing policy, and with Governor McAuliffe’s direction that all state agencies make the Patriot Pledge.

“We are proud to show our commitment to increasing employment opportunities for Virginia’s Veterans,” said Sara Wilson, Agency Director of the Department of Human Resource Management. “DHRM has worked diligently with the V3 Program, raising awareness to other state agencies about Veteran-hiring resources. We are firmly committed to do our part in making the Commonwealth a great place for Veterans to work.”

To make your Patriot Pledge, visit www.dvsV3.com/pledge

The Patriot Pledge:

We believe Veterans, to include serving Guardsmen and Reservists, do and will continue to play an essential role in building a competent and successful workforce, and many will be the future leaders of our business. We are excited to do our part in the Commonwealth of Virginia to invest in our workforce with Veterans, thereby energizing Virginia’s economy, and being an example of how Virginia Values Veterans.