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New Enrollment Application

Join this elite group of employers who have made public commitments to the Commonwealth to recruit, hire, and retain qualified Veterans, enroll and participate for free!

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Annual Hiring Goal

After certification, V3-Certified Companies submit a Veteran Annual Hiring Goals based on calendar year.

Submit your company’s Annual Hiring Goal here.

Quarterly Hiring Report

After certification, V3-Certified Companies submit Quarterly Hiring Reports that sum the total number of full-time Veteran hires by their company that either work or live in Virginia per quarter.

Quarters are based on calendar years and run:
1st (Jan 1 – Mar 31)
2nd (Apr 1 – Jun 30)
3rd (Jul 1 – Sep 30)
4th (Oct 1 – Dec 31)

*”Veterans” includes any former active duty service member, any serving member of the National Guard, and any serving member of the Armed Forces Reserve.

Submit your company’s Quarterly Hiring Report here.

V3 Grant Application

V3-Certified Companies are eligible to receive up to $10,000 in grant funding to support Veteran employment. Learn more by visiting the V3 Grant section.

Company V3 Success Story Submission

Share a brief story about how your company overcame an obstacle to support a Veteran employee. Share any aspect of your company’s recruiting, hiring, training, or re-training process that made your success possible.