Gov. McAuliffe Highlights V3 in State of the Commonwealth

Governor McAuliffe delivered his State of the Commonwealth address to a joint session of the General Assembly on Wednesday evening. Among his remarks, the Governor pledged to continue his commitment to Virginia’s Veterans by focusing on increasing incentives for companies to hire Veterans, and highlighted Systems Technology Forum, ltd as a model company for hiring Veterans.

Systems Technology Forum (STF) joined the V3 Program in October 2013 when they pledged to hire 12 Veterans over the next year. Since then, they have hired more than 40 Veterans, and have made an additional commitment to hire 20 more Veterans.

Mike Hancock, CEO of STF, and Travis Johnson, employee of STF were guests of the governor, who told Travis’s story of transitioning from the Marine Corps to the civilian workforce.

“In just over 2 years, the V3 Program’s 234 member companies have hired nearly 7,000 Veterans. One of them is here with us tonight,” said Gov. McAuliffe. He continued,

As Travis Johnson ended his distinguished 12 year career as a Marine Sniper, he found himself struggling to translate the unique skills he developed in the military into a successful civilian career.

Fortunately, Systems Technology Forum, a V3 certified company, met Travis and recognized the enormous contribution he could make to their company despite his lack of formal professional training.

Travis is now working hard at STF and getting further training so that he can advance in his career. And, after hiring 41 veterans in their first year with the V3 program, STF has recently committed to hire 20 more this year.

Gov McAuliffe addresses V3 Companies at the 2nd Annual V3 Summit in August 2014.

Gov McAuliffe addresses V3 Companies at the 2nd Annual V3 Summit in August 2014.

Gov. McAuliffe also proposed, “further enhance the V3 program by offering a Performance Grant, which will recognize employers who meet goals for hiring, compensating, and retaining veterans.”

Legislation pertaining to the Veteran Employment Performance Grant has already been introduced in both houses of the Assembly, as well as several other bills that pertain to increasing employment opportunities for Virginia’s Veterans.

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