Compiled Best Practices August 2014

The V3 program regularly seeks feedback from the field and the V3 companies, particularly in regards to best practices garnered from their own experiences in the areas of recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans across the Commonwealth. The Department of Veterans Services and other state agencies do not assert that we have the market cornered on these topics. We greatly appreciate the willingness of companies to share their practices so that other organizations can benefit, and as a result, more Veterans can get hired!


From BOSH Global Services:
BOSH had the privilege of speaking to a decorated Army Veteran that was transitioning to civilian life. After 6 years of military service, Ms. Johnson was available immediately for hire as a Support Systems Administrator. It was win/win for both parties. Within two weeks of her Honorable Discharge she was a member of their team effective 06/23/2014. She is an exceptional employee and BOSH is fortunate to have her.


From VCU Police Department:
The VCU Police Department has committed itself to hiring and retaining Veterans. The agency will conduct one hiring process annually. This last quarter, 15% of the recruits graduating from our basic academy class were Veterans. Also to assist the agency with retention, they require all new hires to commit to a three-year employment contract. Overall, just over 20% of our sworn staff are Veterans. Much of the VCU Police Department’s success can be directly attributed to their military Veterans. They provide a great work ethic, discipline, and motivate their fellow coworkers in the agency’s day-to-day operations.


From American Public University System/American Military University:
During the time period listed, the following career fairs were attended with hopes of recruiting active-duty or retired military members:
4/9/2014: 167 Airlift Wing Job Fair (Air National Guard, Martinsburg, WV)
4/17/2014: Direct Employers Military Career Fair (online)
5/28/2014: Hiring our Heroes (Air National Guard, Martinsburg, WV)


From LMI:

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