Make Your Patriot Pledge!

On August 13, 2014, Governor McAuliffe called on 10,000 businesses in Virginia to commit to hiring Virginia’s Veterans. Executive Order 23 asks these businesses to make “Our Patriot Pledge” through the V3 Program.

Governor McAuliffe noted that “Virginia is a leader of veteran employment strategies through the Department of Veteran Services’ Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program,” and that “10,000 businesses sign pledges of commitment for hiring our veterans.”

Virginia has the highest number of Veterans per capita in the entire United States. Virginia’s Veteran population is young, eager to work, highly trained and educated, healthy, and entrepreneurial leaders.

The V3 Program is here to help you capitalize on this highly valuable talent pool. To get started, make Your Patriot Pledge today!

The Patriot Pledge

  • We believe Veterans, to include serving Guardsmen and Reservists, do and will continue to play an essential role in building a competent and successful workforce, and many will be the future leaders of our business.
    We are excited to do our part in the Commonwealth of Virginia to invest in our workforce with Veterans, thereby energizing Virginia’s economy, and being an example of how Virginia Values Veterans.

  • Our Patriot Pledge

  • Please enter your company's name as you want it to appear on the V3 Website.
  • Please enter your company's website or job-posting site.
  • Please list the primary point of contact for the Patriot Pledge for correspondence purposes
  • Please enter the primary point of contact's job title.
  • The V3 Program offers regular FREE education and training sessions for companies and employers on how to implement best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans.

You may also submit your letter by mail, fax or email by downloading the Patriot Pledge letter below and following the instructions:

Patriot Pledge Letter

Be advised that Patriot Pledge submissions are separate from the V3 Annual Hiring Goal for V3 member and certified companies. All V3 member companies must submit a separate online form in order to take the pledge.