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Are you an employer that wants to hire Veterans?

Do you want to improve organizational performance by capitalizing on proven talent?

Do you want to be better connected to America’s Veteran labor force and learn cutting-edge talent acquisition best-practices?

Does your company want to be recognized by Veterans and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a company that Values Veterans?

The V3 Program has helped hundreds of employers throughout the Commonwealth better understand the Veteran talent pool, and effectively trained them on current best practices for recruiting, hiring, training and retaining Veterans. Thousands of career-seeking Veterans have looked to V3 companies as they search for organizations that value their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

If you would like to join this elite group of employers who have made public commitments to the Commonwealth to recruit, hire, and retain qualified Veterans, enroll and participate for free!

State Agencies: Please click here for instructions specific to your organization.

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Enrolled companies will have one year to complete all mandatory listed below. Training can be completed in as little as one month. 

  • V3 Core Curriculum – (~2.0 hours)

Company representatives can register for training online for free by visiting 

Upon completion of all training requirements, companies will submit an Executive Cover Letter with a Veteran Hiring Goal.

Veteran connectivity events to Public Service Announcement campaigns to public recognition from the Governor’s office. Additionally, the V3 Program will administer a newly enacted Veterans Employment Grant, in which qualifying companies may receive up to $10,000 for hiring and retaining Veterans. To learn more about the V3 Employment Grant, click here.

The V3 Program educates, trains, connects, and certifies its companies at no cost to the employer. Yes, it’s free! Why not take advantage of our subject matter experts’ knowledge on how to build a better workforce with Virginia’s Veterans?