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U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kimberly Nagle

U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kimberly Nagle

Virginia prides itself on its commitment to Veterans.

Hundreds of employers throughout the Commonwealth have made public commitments through the V3 Program to recruit, hire, and retain qualified Veterans.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is the single largest employer in Virginia, and the elected representatives of the people of Virginia have unanimously voted to place the Commonwealth at the Vanguard of employers by requiring most state agencies to become certified through the V3 Program, so they too can learn how to implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans.

The Commonwealth currently employs tens of thousands of Veterans, but with the looming force reduction in the US military, thousands more talented service men and women are coming into Virginia each year.

State agencies can learn how to capitalize on the great talent these Veterans possess to improve their organizational performance and efficiency.

V3 has partnered closely with the Virginia Department of Human Resources (DHRM) to ensure agencies are aware of this opportunity, how they can be compliant, and to assist agencies in meeting their commitment to hiring Veterans in accordance with existing law.

HB1641 passed the House of Delegates and the Senate unanimously and was signed into law by Governor McAuliffe on March 17, 2015. It states:

“All agencies in the executive branch of state government and all public institutions of higher education shall, to the maximum extent possible, be certified in accordance with this section. Such agencies and institutions may request a certification waiver from the Governor if they can demonstrate that (i) the certification is in conflict with the organization’s operating directives or (ii) they have in place an alternative program that meets the requirements of this section.”


To begin your certification process, complete the Online Application Form and submit to V3.

After your enrollment, there are approximately 6 hours of training that must be completed within one year. These subjects include (latest titles as of January 2016):

  • V3 Core Curriculum (offered in person at V3 Employer Training Seminar or via webinar)– (~2.5 hrs)
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights (USERRA)– (~30 minutes)
  • OJT/Apprenticeship: Building an On-the-Job Training or Apprenticeship Program – (~30 minutes)
  • Leverage your LVER: Veteran Employment Services through the Virginia Employment Commission – (~30 minutes)
  • Virginia Veteran and Family Support Program: Dispelling myths of PTSD / TBI – (~30 minutes)
  • Virginia National Guard: “Vet” is a Big Word: The Value of Hiring a Virginia National Guardsman – (~30 minutes)
  • Optional: V3 Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan webinar
  • Optional: DHRM also offers a special seminar for state agencies on understanding the Commonwealth’s Veteran Preference Program.

To see a calendar of upcoming training events, visit and look for the above required BOLDED titles. To see a checklist of training requirements, visit


Upon completion of all training requirements, agencies will submit to V3 their Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan outlining their strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans. The submission and approval of the OVHP is the capstone requirement to earning V3 certification.

A template may be found here, and an example (DMV) may be found here:

Sample Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan Checklist

DMV Organizational Veteran Hiring Plan

Agencies will also attach a public commitment letter to the Governor identifying the agency’s active commitment to recruit, hire, and retain Veterans. This letter, signed by the agency head, will also identify a percentage goal for hiring Veterans, in accordance with DHRM standards.

A template may be found here:

Agency Head Cover Letter for V3 Certification

Upon approval, Governor McAuliffe will issue a signed certificate, and hundreds of thousands of Veterans will recognize your agency as one who understands their value.

FAQ1: Is my agency required to commit to a number of Veterans hired?

Answer: No, V3 understands that state agencies may not be able to make a “hard commitment” to a discrete number of Veteran hires. State agencies are therefore encouraged to look at their past Veteran hiring success, and set a percentage goal based on their hiring forecast. For more information, contact Rue White at DHRM (

FAQ2: How much does enrollment, training, and certification cost?

Answer: $0. It’s Free! The Commonwealth of Virginia is so confident that Veterans will improve organizational performance to the point of a net economic gain that it has invested enough money in the program for V3 to provide all training and certification free of charge.

FAQ3: Am I required to attend an in-person training day?

Answer: No. Many agency representatives prefer the in-person format as it is more interactive and facilitates networking with other agencies and companies; however, V3 offers all of its curriculum online via live webinar – agencies will still be able to connect virtually with our subject matter experts in this format.

FAQ4: How long does the certification last?

Answer: The life of the certification is two years, during this time recertification requirements must be met, both in continuing activity and continuing education. These recertification requirements are generally unburdensome, but do give V3 an opportunity to report success stories and high engagement to the governor.