NVTC kicks off 2017 Sporting Clays Tournament – Key Note General Conway 34 Commandant of the USMC

Today 112 business leaders from across the Northern Virginia Region met to support the Veterans Employment Initiative of NVTC. V3 is a proud sponsor of NVTC’s Veterans Employment Initiative. To date – NVTC Member Companies record over 6,000 veteran hires and this accounts for over 25% of all V3 reported hires.

V3 Featured Company: AXA Advisors

Andrew Schwartz, V3 Program Manager, interviews Lyle Yablonsky, Regional Vice President of AXA Advisors. Andrew and Lyle discuss how V3 helped the 16th largest company in the world connect with better talent, and how Veterans are making a difference in AXA Advisors.

V3 Featured Employer: 360IT Partners

In the V3 Newsmakers studio, Andy Schwartz interviews Reuben Mendez on the V3 Program, discussing how Veterans are an important asset to the IT industry, and to small businesses in particular. 360IT is a long-time member of the V3 Program, has set a goal to hire 14 Veterans by 2017, and has hired 12 Veterans so far. To […]

V3 Featured Company: CarMax

Andy Schwartz, V3 Program Manager, meets with Jack McCarthy, Senior Recruiter with CarMax, to discuss why hiring Veterans at the nation’s largest retailer of used cars is a great business decision.   To learn more about employment opportunities for Veterans at CarMax, go to http://jobs.carmax.com/career-development/military-commitment/.

V3 Featured Company: Cole Engineering Services Incorporated (CESI)

Cole Engineering Services Incorporated (CESI) has a worldwide presence, with active nationwide hiring, and sustained growth fueled by government client performance. The rapidly expanding Virginia footprint is in Fredericksburg, the national capital region and southeastern Virginian Peninsula. Recently celebrating ten years, Cole Engineering was founded in response to the training needs of warriors who made the […]

V3 Featured Company: Hampton Sheriff’s Office

Located on the southeastern end of the Virginian Peninsula, the Hampton Sheriff’s Office serves Hampton, VA, a city of over 130,000 people. The office is comprised of over 180 deputies and civilians who are responsible for the operations of the jails and courts for the City of Hampton. Its deputies serve civil and criminal processes […]

V3 Company Feature: Portfolio Recovery Associates

“We have found many Veterans have highly specialized skills. We also understand their needs and our goal is to ensure they are aware of the opportunities PRA can offer them.”