About the V3 Program


“Hiring Veterans into your workforce will be one of the best business decisions you make.” – John L. Newby II, Commissioner, Virginia Department of Veterans Services.



The Virginia Values Veterans Program is a free training and certification program for employers to help them implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly-skilled and dependable Veterans.

The V3 Program is an official Commonwealth of Virginia Program, authorized under the Code of Virginia (§ 2.2-2001.2). It is organized under the directorate of Veterans Education, Training, and Employment (VETE), within the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), an agency of the Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs.

Authority and Mandate:

The Code of Virginia (§ 2.2-2001.2) mandates the Department of Veterans Services (DVS) to

“develop a comprehensive program to reduce unemployment among veterans by assisting businesses to attract, hire, train, and retain veterans. Such program shall promote strategies for connecting employers to qualified veterans and include (i) a workforce assessment and training program for participating employers and (ii) a certification process for participating employers with the objective of setting measurable goals for hiring and retaining veterans.”


Virginia has a unique opportunity to help Veterans gain career employment. Our Commonwealth has one of the youngest Veterans population in the United States, and the fastest growing Veteran labor force in the United States. Thousands of new Veterans enter Virginia’s workforce each year, and that number is projected to rise in the coming years.

While many employers are unaware of the value Veterans can bring to their workforce, thousands more are seeking to hire Veterans as a part of their workforce but don’t know how.

Two of the most frequent questions pertaining to Veteran employment, from an employer’s perspective are, “Why should I hire a Veteran?” and “Where can I find Veterans to hire?”

The V3 Program not only aims to educate and train companies on why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train, and retain Veterans, but also to help those committed companies meet their hiring goals.

The first V3 Conference was held in Richmond, VA on June 12, 2012 where 63 employers representing over 50 companies came to hear about a new opportunity to connect their companies with a highly-skilled, well-educated, and easily-trained leadership talent pool: Virginia’s Veterans. Hailed by the governor as an Economic Development Initiative rather than a jobs-program, the Department of Veterans Services engaged in this venture with a firm confidence that hiring Veterans is not just the right thing to do; understanding who Veterans are and hiring them will allow businesses to increase the productivity and efficiency of their workforce.

Since the execution of the initial concept, the V3 program has grown to reach hundreds of companies, who have pledged over 20,000 jobs to Veterans, resulting in over 20,439 actual hires reported so far.

Truly, Virginia employers have recognized the Value that Veterans can bring to their workforce.

Here’s How it Works:

The V3 Program helps employers develop and implement long-term strategies and nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining Veterans.

Through our training and certification program, companies will gain a better understanding of what a Veteran is and how they can contribute to the workforce. They will also learn what leading companies are doing nationwide to attract and keep Veteran talent within their workforce, and will learn how to incorporate these strategies in their own organizations. Finally, they will receive access to resources that will help them connect more directly and proactively with the Veteran and military populations

To learn more about the enrollment and certification process, and to join the V3 Program (It’s Free!), go to www.dvsV3.com/join.

The V3 Team puts on regular V3 employer training seminars throughout the state, as well as conducts online training seminars (webinars) to help enrolled V3 companies complete all training requirements for state certfication. Again, all application, training, and certification are free.

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