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Today’s Veterans are highly skilled, well educated, easily trained, and willing to work hard. They know the meaning of loyalty, dedication, integrity, discipline, unselfishness, and teamwork. They have worked in high-stress environments, developed a safety-conscious mentality, and honed their leadership skills through practical experience. In a word, today’s Veterans are profitable.


The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program is a Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Veterans Services Program whose mission is to educate and train employers throughout the Commonwealth on the Value of Virginia’s Veterans, and to help employers connect with these personnel assets to maximize the productivity of their workforce. We are committed to assisting employers recruit, hire, train, and retain Veterans.

Whether your company wants training on how Veterans can help your business, need resources and assistance connecting with Veterans, or simply want to share your Veteran hiring efforts with the rest of the Commonwealth, the V3 program is for you!

Commit to hiring a Veteran today!

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